Smart Digital Product

An end-to-end solution consisting of Third Eye data collection

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Outstanding Features

Performance and OEE

Measure manufacturing productivity and achieve OEE score of 100%.


The quality of being able to be reached or entered.

Fully encrypted

Your information is fully encrypted and cannot be accessed.

Wireless connected

It does not need a wired connection to transmit information or perform tasks.


about product

Awesome digital product can make your life easier

Enhance your production data with video, It helps you find out what happened.

  • Wireless Connection
  • High-quality data
  • Manage stops
  • Wireless freedom with BLUETOOTH

Best Product For You. Check The Demo Video.

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Why Choose us

We are providing best and high quality products.

  • High Quality

    Adhering to an excellent standard of measure; of superior quality

  • Support & Maintenance

    We will provide you with our support during your journey

  • Latest Technology

    Using AIOT & AI to collect, aggregate, and integrate IoT data to build Machine Learning-driven, end-to-end IoT systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can see the live global/factory overview that visualizes the performance of all the lines in multiple factories across the globe on one dashboard.

You can watch what happened on your line on the video from the ThirdEye View and analyze the cause of the stop without guessing why.

You can observe the data from the sensor on your critical equipment and detect if it is developing a problem or not.



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